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The following testimonies are actual clients who are willing to share their thoughts regarding the hypnosis services we have done together. The purpose is for YOU to get a glimpse of the professionalism in which Pat practices when dealing with her clients and the myriad of possibilities available to YOU through hypnosis. Ordinary people throughout the South East are improving their health and changing their habits with hypnosis and so can you. Hypnosis is a safe and effective tool of the mind that you control and guide through the power of positive thought and relaxation.  

My name is C----- I have known Pat for a while through a women’s business association. I went to the Doctor the other day and he mentioned that I needed to get a needle in my neck, we don't need to talk about the medical reasons why. It scared me like you wouldn't believe, a needle in my neck. So I took the next logical step and called Pat's Hypnosis and made an appointment. The hypnosis felt really good and I became very relaxed about the whole situation. I went back to the Doctors, and everything went great. The doctor was impressed and said to send his regards to Pat. It went really great for me I only felt pressure, it went really great. Thank You.
C.H. Lakeland

Hi Pat, this is M--- and I had a problem pulling at my hair and have pulled a lot of it out, mostly my forehead hair. I had been wearing a scarf so it isn't visible to my customers. And guess what, I have not pulled a single hair since I came to see you. I no longer pull my hair, the scarf is off, and I brag on you to my customers. Thank you. It's fantastic.
M. D. Lakeland

Hi Pat, this is D----- I came to you one year ago today and I am still not smoking. I just want to thank you because you gave me many, many more years to enjoy my life. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank You so much
D. Y. Lakeland


I first heard about Pat from my mother. She had a session to overcome her smoking habit of 51 years. That was almost 6 years ago, and she hasn't smoked since. She was so impressed she sent me to Pat for my birthday. At the time I was smoking 3 packs a day, and had been smoking for 36 years. I haven't smoked in 4 years now.

When my drinking habit of 37 years spiraled out of control, I visited again. I haven't had any alcohol now in over 6 months, the longest period since I was 18, and never expect to again.
My wife is going to her next week to stop smoking as well.
No withdrawals, no relapses.
I can't compliment her services enough. It changed my life. Probably saved it....Al, Winter Haven, FL
My test anxiety paralyzed me for years.  Every time I would take a test I would get so nervous that my heart began to race and my hands would shake.  It didn't matter that I had spent countless hours studying and that I knew the material.  My anxiety was making it impossible for me to be successful in school.  After years of trying to overcome my fears on my own without any results, I decided to give hypnosis a try.  It only took one session and I saw immediate results.  Had it not been for Pat's Hypnosis Center, I would still have to suffer from test anxiety and bad grades.  Thank you so much Pat.  -  A.S., Lakeland, FL

"I smoked cigarettes for over 18 years and had tried to stop several times using the gum and the patches and any other gimmick that I could find.  After seeing an ad for Pat's Hypnosis Center, I decided to try yet another way to stop smoking.  I really didn't believe that I could be hypnotized and was not sure that even if I could be that it would help me stop smoking.  I called Pat and made an appointment to talk to her (not be hypnotized) about how hypnosis worked.  After she explained everything to me, I decided to give it a try.  I was amazed.  I stopped smoking after just one session and haven't had a smoke in 2 years!  The other great thing is that I expected to gain weight but didn't!  Thanks Pat!"  -  G.M., Lake Wales, FL
I'm 16 years old, and had terrible problems with swallowing pills. I really needed to take my medication because I had a been really sick.
My Dad wanted me to go to see a hypnotist, I agreed and he called Pat's Hypnosis Center. Dad and I talked to Pat in great detail about Hypnosis and we both felt very comfortable with her. When Pat hypnotized me, she regressed me to when I could first remember the fear of swallowing pills. "I was about 5 years old. The very first time I had to swallow a pill. I chocked and gagged. I really thought I was going to die." Pat worked with me to release the fear. Since the session with Pat I have take all of my medication without having any problem at all.  -  Lisa,   Winter Haven, FL
Hi, I'm Larry, Lisa's Father, once I saw the great results with Lisa I decided that I would go to Pat and have her help me with my fear. I was horribly afraid of heights. Pat regressed me back to when I was 9 years old. I couldn't believe that I had blocked out the stupid stunt I pulled. I lived in the city, and decided to climb a high rise. The building was about 6 stories high. "I fell onto a ledge, and realized I could have died." Since then I was very fearful of heights. After my session with Pat, the first thing that I said was  "Now I can finally ride the Ferris Wheel". Both my Daughter and I have been released from devastating fears and it's wonderful. -   Larry,  Winter Haven, FL
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