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ABUNDANCE - Health Wealth And Happiness
Focus On What you Want, deserve and desire.
Imagine Who you are becoming as an abundant,                    prosperous, being.
Create A solid belief that you deserve to succeed.
Discover The Secret to becoming a magnet to
               Happiness, Good Health, and Wealth.
    You could wait: and wonder just how much power you are giving to your self-sabotage, feeding your limitations, reinforcing the fear and inadequacy you feel. Or-You could decide to do something about it NOW, and discover how magnificent you will feel when you change your mind about being success conscious, deserving abundance.
Hypnosis is probably the most powerful way to create a solid belief and worthiness about success. Mastering the methods of Time Line Focus, Outcomes, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, and Manifesting is by far, the most direct and exciting path to success.
When you decide to attend this course with Pat Brown, Ma.H. you will learn what it is like to take action and feel the power of being in control of your life, your thoughts, your Health, Wealth, and Happiness. You will learn to stop sabotaging your success and create more opportunities. Ready to let go of the struggle? You will release the excuses, stop your internal self-sabotage and find out how easy it is to attract all the positive energy you want, and much more.
One - The Wall: Releasing the blocks to success. Identify what your "wall" is and feel the freedom of breaking through your self imposed limits.
Two - Parts Therapy: Find the part of you that continues to sabotage your success. Learn about its positive intention and discover what it needs in order to allow you the freedom to be successful with good health, wealth and happiness.   We all have parts conflicts that create internal battles. When you resolve the internal battle (fear of failure/fear of success) you have energy to accomplish what you want without the struggle.
    Three - Future Time Line: Explore your future time line to find out what your inner mind really sees as your future. Talk with your future self and find out what you need to know from your future self, in order to have success now.
Four - Outcomes: Write your outcomes (like goals, only better) in the journal and then experience them on your future time line. Placing them in your mind's future time line, then experiencing them as real, will blast you out of your comfort zone.
Five - Manifest: Learn the art of manifesting your desire, sending it out into the universe as energy, and creating a magnetic force that will bring you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. This one is really fun. Miraculous actually!
Six - The Swish: A simple, yet powerful process to eliminate negativity, releasing old limiting beliefs and replace them with solid, powerful beliefs. You will use this process for many of your inner conflicts and emotional blocks.
Seven - Temple of Wisdom: A sanctuary where you go for advice and wisdom to solve problems and make the best possible choices. You will meet a wise sage who knows all about you and knows what is best for you. You can find answers and direction and clarity about the best move to make. Whenever you struggle with and important decision, this will give you clarity and direction.
Eight - Direct Suggestion: Simply listen to the tape you received as you fall asleep at night and reinforce the belief that you are confident, creative, magnetic, healthy, wealthy, and happy, and deserve all good things. You will awaken feeling renewed, energized, and focused.

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