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Stress is a normal part of everyday life, it is a common reaction to certain events which surround us. Every one at one time or another has experienced stress in one for or another. Stress is a natural healthy response preparing us to be alert in the face of a possible action. Some people seem to cope with stress better than others. there are varying degrees of stress, and if a person has a low threshold then the find it more difficult. For some the stress level can turn into anxiety, which can end up with anxiety attacks or others may experience chronic anxiety which can take on physical problems. etc. headaches, high blood pressure, paranoia, and more.

Doctors have given sedatives and tranquilizers to help combat these stress related problems. {
Hypnosis can help find the cause of the stress or anxiety and seek out new ways of managing and dealing with it. The client can be taught to decrease their stress level which in turn minimizes their other symptoms.
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